Zvicra on Cinesquare!

ZVICRA is officially on Cinesquare and its in the collection of SWISS BREEZE

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Zvicra at Kino Nische

Next stop for Zvicra is the Kino Nische (Gaswerk) in Winterthur. Our documentary will be screned this Sunday October 6th 2019!

More info: https://kinonische.ch/programm/

Zvicra au cinéma de La Neuveville ce dimanche 12 mai

Zvicra sera présenté ce dimanche 12 mai à 17h30 au cinéma 2520 de La Neuveville, en présence de Fisnik Maxhuni.

zvicra La Neuveville

Zwischen Kreuz und Adler

Ein Artikel über Zvicra von Artan Islamaj erschien kürzlich auf die Zürcher Studierendenzeitung.

Zvicra presented in Winterthur

Our documentary will be screened this wednesday March 13 at 7.00 pm in Winterthur. More info on Coalmine website.

Working on a new documentary project

These last months, we have been working on a new documentary project co-produced by Close-up films.

The result will be shown on RTS at the end of 2019. More info coming soon.

Zvicra présenté à La Chaux-de-Fonds!

Notre dernier documentaire "Zvicra" sera présenté le 3 février 2019 à 16h30 à l'ABC, La Chaux-de-Fonds dans le cadre de la Biennale internationale des Bobines d'ici (BIBI) organisé par Neuchâtel Films.

Plus d'informations sur la 4ème édition de ce festival ainsi que le programme complet ici.

Zvicra sélectionné au Cinemamed!

Zvicra a été sélectionné au Festival Cinéma Méditéranéen de Bruxelles. Il sera projecté le 7 décembre à 20h45, salle Botanique Rotonde.


Zvicra selected at Tirana Film Festival

Zvicra has just been selected to the Tirana Film Festival

Screening is November 7. 18:30 at Teatri Eksperimental hall.


Soutien BCN

Merci à la BCN - Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise pour le soutien accordé à notre nouveau projet de film documentaire intitulé "Challandes: coup de sifflet final".

Voir l'article paru dans l'édition du 17 octobre de Arcinfo.

bcn soutien fisnik maxhuni benoit goncerut

Zvicra dans Le Temps

Article rédigé par Caroline Christinaz publié dans le quotidien Le Temps à propos de notre dernier film Zvicra.

Bourse SSA attribuée à "La terre de mes entrailles"

Dans le cadre du festival de film de Locarno, Fisnik Maxhuni s’est vu attribué par la SSA une bourse de 20'000 francs pour soutenir l’écriture de son premier long-métrage de fiction intitulé "La Terre de mes entrailles".

Plus d'information & interview à écouter sur le site de la Radio Télévision Neuchâteloise

Zvicra Premiere: review on Cineuropa homepage

International Premiere of our documentary Zvicra happened on August 9th at the amazing Dokufest in Prizren.

Click below to read the review by Tina Poglajen from Cineuropa.

Thanks again to Nita Deda, Veton Nurkollari and the whole Dokufest crew. We had a blast!

Photos by Tughan Anit

Zvicra - official trailer

Here is the trailer of our documentary “Zvicra” that will be premiered at the Dokufest in Prizren on August 9th 18:00 (Cinema Lumbardhi).
The film is written and directed by Benoît Goncerut and Fisnik Maxhuni in co-production with Cause & RTS.
Editing and cinematography by Jules Guarneri
Music by Boris Gétaz
Design by Antoine Brack
The film will also be screened in different Swiss cinemas before being broadcasted on TV in Autumn 2018. More info to come soon.

La Vallée Heureuse: International Premiere in Sao Paolo!

We are proud to announce that our short film "La Vallée Heureuse", directed by Fisnik Maxhuni, has been selected at the Sao Paolo International Film Festival.

Zvicra selected at DokuFest!

We are extremely happy to announce that our documentary “Zvicra” will be premiered in Kosovo in August, at the fantastic DokuFest in Prizren. Given the nature of the film, it was only logical for us to have it shown there. After two years of hard and complicated work around the issues debated in the film, we are finally releasing it to the public. We couldn’t be more happy.Extra special thanks to Nita Deda and Veton Nurkollari for their trust and their support.

More public releases at film festivals and cinemas soon. Broadcasted on RTS this autumn.

Fisnik Maxhuni & Benoît Goncerut au 12h30

Fisnik et Benoît étaient les invités du 12h30 présenté par Renaud Malik sur les ondes de la Première ce lundi 9 juillet pour présenter le film Zvicra. Entretien complet ci-dessous:

Zvicra out soon!

“Zvicra”, our documentary on the search for identity in Switzerland is finished!

We started shooting this project two years ago as two brothers from Kosovo were playing against each other at the EURO 2016. One for Switzerland, the other for Albania, creating a bubble of questions and issues around the Swiss identity. Today, a new debate is raging again, concerning the roots of some football players in our Swiss Football Federation. Through this documentary, we learned so much on what identity is made of, but mostly, that identity is not an exclusive term : being Swiss does not exclude feeling part of another identity. Despite some opportunist political parties or influenced individuals wanting an eugenist doctrine for our country, we wanted to make this film to show the richness inherent to the Swiss identity, an ever-changing concept that adapts to reality.

Identities are not set in stone, they morph as time passes.

Zvicra is produced by Visceral Films, written and directed by Benoît Goncerut and Fisnik Maxhuni, in co-production with Cause & the RADIO TELEVISION SUISSE (RTS). Shot and edited by Jules Guarneri, music by Goris Bétaz, poster by Antoine Brack, typo by our dear friends Swiss Typefaces.

The film will be premiered this summer and broadcasted on Radio Television Suisse (RTS) this autumn.

Back to filming

New project in the making. More to come soon.

La Vallée Heureuse X Short Film Corner - Cannes

"La Vallée Heureuse" directed by Fisnik Maxhuni is part of the 30 films to be selected as “Coup de Coeur” at the Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes.


Visceral Films is a production company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It focuses on new forms of storytelling to create a viscerally composed image of contemporary cinema.

Founded in 2016 by Benoît Goncerut and Fisnik Maxhuni, its aim is to produce films transcending artistic, political and geographical boundaries.